Selfish, controlling, woman-hating bastards

From plansfornigel:

It’s all so ridiculous and mean spirited and vain for trans to try and destroy MichFest, as though depriving women of a community that they’ve built with their time and their energy is going to make them female. Those idiots who see women owing them something and demand that women validate their male womanhood, are behaving like typical men who think women should submit and obey.

The only thing transwomen have in common is being male. The only thing that makes you a transwoman is you are a male you claims trans status cause you feel like a “woman”, “woman” being whatever the fuck that means to you as a male. You can be “female” now just by filing papers in Denmark now, no medical treatment, no diagnosis, in Denmark a man is a “female” cause he said so and filled out the paper work. I see trans activists all the damn time saying they don’t have dysphoria. Lots of trans have zero intention of cutting off their dicks and Viagra is considered part approved treatment for transwomen. All you need where I live is to go to an informed consent clinic and say you’ve been trans for the last 3 months or have previously been on illegal hormones and that’s pretty much it. Transwoman is a meaningless class, males can look like men and call themselves transwomen, it means nothing now except a male claims that status.

But here you are wanting the right to define yourself a “woman” even though you born a male and will die a male, cause that’s what you want to do. You want that right to define yourself, but you’ve the fucking gall to try to say that women can’t define ourselves as female and organize without males, without YOU. Like WHAT would you identify as if we FEMALES weren’t here? YOU can identify as female and redefine it to include yourself, a male who “feels like a woman”, but women can’t define ourselves as females and separate from males? No, women can’t do that, we have to do everything males tell us to do, we even have to accept males as women if they claim to be, cause that’s their right as males. Just fuck off you selfish, controlling, delusional, woman hating bastard. You will be always be miserable because you are nothing without constant validation that you are a “woman”, but that’s a dead end road because you aren’t you are a woman, you are a transgender male, a transwoman, and by demanding that women do your bidding and accept you as “female”, you are proving to be the most male of men, like so many other trans.


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