Not all Nigels are like that

Who is Nigel? Nigel is every feminist’s dude. He is the “Nicest Guy who Ever Lived” (until he’s not.) He is the walking embodiment of “Not All Men Are Like That (NAMALT).” Except he is, on some level. Unless he was born and raised on Planet Matriarchy, he’s absorbed the toxic essence of the Patriarchy from infancy.

But our starry-eyed (and soon to be broken-hearted) sisters say: “My Nigel would never look at porn/abuse women/disrespect me” – until he does. Surprise!

My Nigel has come clean. He never loved me. He never will. He just needs “somebody” and decided I would suffice. He wants hot home-cooked meals and hot animal sex. He wants to know what happened to the sex.

What happened is that he is having an affair, and I’m leaving him because I don’t love him anymore. And I feel like such a fool.


One thought on “Not all Nigels are like that

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