What is the word for this?

It goes beyond dumping the dude. It’s more than striving to undo the psychological damage he did. It’s rooting dude-ism out of my life. It’s dumping internalized misogyny. It’s kicking the patriarchy out of my bed and out of my head.

But what do we call it?

My friend said, “Decolonization.” Because patriarchy is part of colonization and empire-building, she explained. Because men colonize our bodies and our minds, making us their neo-colonial subjects, policing ourselves and each other.

But I’m looking for a word specifically about rejecting the male influence. Undoing the self-hatred that is imprinted on us for being female.

If I name it, I can know it, I can change it.

What is the word for this?


4 thoughts on “What is the word for this?

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