“I hope your old saggy transphobic vagina falls off”: trans misogyny on twitter

Transgender Reality

Trans people online are fond of accusing feminists who disagree with them of being hateful. However, if you pay attention to the interactions happening in various places, you will very rarely see feminists wishing death, disease and other terrible things on the people they disagree with. What you will find are trans activists doing this.

Trans people on twitter also often have negative opinions of women, especially those women they deem to be “TERFs” (“trans exclusionary radical feminists”). Here Twitter user “WeirdBirdPal” is feeling happy that such a woman got cancer:


TERFs are so evil that they should get ill with plague:


Terfs are inhuman scum:


Wishing vagina cancer on a feminist:


TERFs and their allies should die in fires or from cancer:


TERF kids should be set on fire:


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