Elisa Hategan, author of Race Traitor, was a member of the white supremacist group Heritage Front in the 1990s. She turned against the group after her comrades started a campaign of violence against a young woman Elisa had a secret crush on. Her story in the Toronto Star is fascinating.

I turned traitor two years ago. I was uncritically pro-trans and closely connected to the transgender/queer community for over a decade. I supported both women-only space and trans inclusion, oblivious to the tension between the two.

Then a group of trans advocates started a campaign of violence against two women friends. I was horrified. I read everything I could get my hands on, trying to understand where this hate was coming from. I had a sinking feeling more was on the way.

I was right. Before long they were after me too. Not because I did or said anything to make people feel uncomfortable – just because of my connection with the two women, and others who they threatened and denounced.

I was blacklisted. Not for anything I did or said. They gave me a choice: Denounce your friends, or be denounced. I said no thanks. So they threatened me. Then they denounced me. Then they blacklisted me.

That means I can’t speak at any event these activists are part of. I can’t participate in any groups or collectives they are involved in. This despite the fact that I have never openly expressed a dissenting opinion about gender, or done anything to oppress someone for their gender.

Our work together had nothing to do with transgender issues, but regardless, it is over now. The coalition fractured and broke apart. The campaign ground to a halt. All that’s left is a toxic wasteland.

I have not defended myself. I’m not fighting back, at least not yet. But the shock of their hatred and violence against women opened my eyes. I got away from them and found a welcoming community of radical feminists. I’m a lot clearer now about the ways male supremacy has infected the trans/queer community and why they attack feminists. Thank you.


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