Your feminism vs. my feminism

your feminism my feminism

Your feminism = liberal feminism

My feminism = radical feminism

Radical feminism > liberal feminism.

Liberal vs Radical: Discuss.


3 thoughts on “Your feminism vs. my feminism

  1. Liberal Feminism is pointless, IMO, because it is still working very hard not to upset men. Men hate Radical Feminism because it wants to take their toys away, ie their ability to sexualise and commodify and abuse women without consequence. Men get very scary very quickly when you try to take their toys away. Liberal feminism will never work because its goal is to create equality without taking men’s privilege away from them by claiming that women are free to choose to be sexualised and commodified and abused. You obviously can’t have equality and male privilege at the same time. So Radicals Feminism is the only type of Feminism that can actually achieve this equality that everyone claims is their goal.

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