Cis dude files human rights complaint over women & trans-only event

Today in Butthurt Male Entitlement:

Edmonton cyclist denied entry to bike shop based on gender

Despite an open for business sign, John said he was barred entry because of the society’s “Women, Trans and Gender Non-Binary” program that was being held at the shop that Sunday.

The Sunday afternoon program is held three times a month, and allows individuals identifying with those specific groups to participate in what the society’s website describes as a “safe space” at BikeWorks.

“If you do not identify as woman, trans or non-binary, you can support this important initiative by … respecting the space and not entering during the Women, Trans & Gender Non-Binary program,” reads the society’s website.

Regardless, John said he felt excluded based on gender — and has filed a complaint with the Alberta Human Rights Commission solely because of his exclusion, not because of the program.

“I have no problem with a program that is trying to get women, trans-gendered and non-binary people in there, but don’t segregate,” he said.

It will be interesting to see how the Human Rights Commission treats this complaint. Obviously the Act was designed to prevent discrimination against women and visible minorities. The statute includes an exemption for groups that advance the concerns of a specific class (which is why we have all-male fraternities, Masons, etc) but that exemption seems to apply only to the section for complaints around publications.


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