A Road Not Traveled – a Speech

Rebecca Mott is in Stockholm meeting with campaigners working to end prostitution. She is asking for funds to continue her writing and advocacy for exited women. Please send support here: http://rebeccamott.net/donations/

Rebecca Mott

I am speaking as an exited prostituted woman. I speak out as I was internally trafficked when I was 14.

To explain internal trafficking, I will speak to my personal history – but always with the deep knowledge of the myths and misinformation about what internal trafficking is. Many in the media, in politics, and in the entertainment industry have made a culture that denies that internal trafficking exists.

I was coerce into prostitution as a teenager by a close female friend. To explain how this was able to happen, I will speak to some of my personal history before I was prostituted. I speak of that time, because I was typical of many teenage girls who are recruited to the sex trade – but at the same time I was unique.

Before i speak to my past, I feel it is vital to speak to the stereotyping of the…

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