I don’t identify.

There are things I have never said in public. But I will.

For one thing, I don’t “identify as” a gender or an anti-gender or any of the dozens of designations people come up with. Gender is a social construct that I have hated and pushed against my whole life. Materialist analysis helps us understand gender much more clearly.

I am female. I used to think I identified as male because of some innate quality I was born with. Now I realize I was identifying with my abusers to try and evade the hell they had me in. Kind of a Stockholm syndrome.

I don’t identify as “cisgender.” I am female, although I still struggle with feeling like I’m in the “wrong” body. I struggle with feeling like I look freakish, like someone who got neutered or who quit halfway through transitioning.

I don’t identify with patriarchy. I’m no man’s girlfriend or mother or wife. I’m everywoman’s sister.


2 thoughts on “I don’t identify.

  1. “I am no man’s girlfriend, or mother, or wife”… those are words to live by, even for a heterosexual or bisexual woman. We do not need any of those three things to be valuable human beings.

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