Transgenderism: The latest wedge issue to divide the left

Transgenderism is not a political movement motivated by progressive concerns; it’s just the latest weapon in the Left’s covert battle against feminism.

At least since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, Lefties have been rankled by the presence of feminists among their ranks.

But purging these uppity women presents a challenge. Overtly denigrating feminists is risky: it can be perceived as misogynistic, and cedes too much political ground on issues lefties like to call their own – such as abortion rights.

Unfortunately, prolific and global male crimes of incest, rape, prostitution, domestic violence, female genital mutilation, child marriage and acid attacks make the feminist cause a bit too justified, and a bit too popular.

So the Left is stuck with having to marginalise through covert means the political movement organised to resist male supremacy and its violent war against women and children.

An effective covert tactic has been to play wedge politics.

Marxists, peaceniks, greenies, queers, animal libbers and some anti-racism groups over three decades have been remarkably united in their commitment to purging feminists from the Left. All agree the womanly concerns of feminists are small-worldish, and tainted with embarrassments like female ageing and poverty. They are unsexy, child-focused, lesbian-loving and distract from the Left’s pursuit of “serious” issues like atheism, nuclear proliferation and ecological destruction.

Read the rest from Caroline Norma, ABC Australia.


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