On killing the golden goose

I’m by far the most valuable player on the teams I work with. I bring in most of the budget and 90% of the volunteers. And the thanks I get is verbal abuse from men. It’s happening again – public name-calling on social media, in group forums, etc.

But I’m independent – I don’t work for them. And these guys always act SO SHOCKED when I tear up the agreements and walk out the door.

It made me wonder – what urge is so strong that it would compel them to kill the golden goose? But then I realized: They didn’t intend to kill the goose. They just want to smack her around a bit and show her who’s boss. And then she flies away, and they sit on their asses complaining that no one’s bringing them golden eggs anymore.

Every time it happens it strengthens my resolve. I’m so done working with men. I want to give that time and energy to women instead.


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