Pimp City: The prostitution pipeline from Tenancingo to USA

How did the farming town of Tenancingo turn into Pimp City? The short answer is capitalism. When agriculture and industry dried up, the men started selling girls.

From Here and Now, WBUR public radio, Boston MA (June 30 2014)

The White House is making its formal request for additional powers to fast track the deportation of tens of thousands of unaccompanied children who have crossed the border illegally. President Obama says the influx is a humanitarian crisis and has ordered an increase in the number of border agents, and wants emergency shelters opened at military bases. We’ll continue to follow that story for you.

But right now we want to hear about another part of the immigration story that doesn’t get much attention and that may not be suitable for some of our younger listeners. It’s about prostitutes being brought to this country from a small city in Mexico, and it’s the subject of a new Fusion documentary called, “Pimp City: A Journey to the Center of the Sex Slave Trade.” Alice Brennan is the program’s producer. She’s with us from NPR West in Culver City, California.

Read the transcript and watch the video.


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