Banned: Documentary on transwomen and male-pattern violence

This video has provoked a massive response from the trans lobby. Instead of allowing women to decide for ourselves, or engaging with the issues raised by these case studies, they’re getting women Facebook users banned for posting it.  Watch and share, if you dare.

For more info on setting legal boundaries around those who assault women and girls while identifying as transwomen or transvestites, please support Allison’s Law.

For more case studies of rapists, murderers and child molestors  who identify as transwomen and transvestites, please visit Autogynephilia Truth.

For more about why those who identify as transwomen and transvestites get a sexual thrill from wearing women’s clothes and “passing” as women, please read this piece on transgenderism and fetishism.



3 thoughts on “Banned: Documentary on transwomen and male-pattern violence

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    Perfect documentary laying out the volume of transwomen who are violent sexual criminals. And so should not be allowed to use women’s restrooms or locker rooms. Women: Decide for Yourselves

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  2. Oh this is nuts. So they rather gang up and make sure to have women banned for sharing this documentary video and shelter violent,predatory men rather than allow women to highlight that in some areas of the world, thx to transgender politics, any of these men can claim MtF status and gain access without any need for anything else than the use of ‘self identity’.

    To me it can’t become more obvious that the trans ‘movement’ is spending a lot of time sheltering violent men, predatory men.


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