Dear @MayorGregor: Thanks for the sex

An open letter to Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson

Dear Mayor Robertson,

I want to thank you for making it so easy to buy women in your city. It means a lot to men like me.

Let me explain. I’m a john. I buy sex from women on the street, in massage parlours, from online ads. And I’m not ashamed. Why should I be? Sure, it’s against the law, but you and the police are on my side, right? That’s great. The system is working fine – don’t change a thing.

I live in the suburbs and I drive into Vancouver whenever I get the urge. When I roll up, the girls come right over. Makes me feel like a king.

Feminists make a big deal about prostitution being dangerous. Sure, the girls are nervous about serial killers and so on. I can tell by the way they look at me when I get them alone. But do feminists ever think about the needs of men like me? At least this way, I get what I want without the risk of being charged and having to go to court. I’m a family man after all.

So what if I break the law? Sometimes in more ways than one. But a working girl in Vancouver isn’t going to call the cops because Vancouver police won’t do anything. I feel good knowing that’s not an option for her. Powerful.

Feminists make such a big deal about consent. I say as soon as she takes my money, she’s already consented to whatever I want to do to her. If she had other skills, why isn’t she using them? She’s making money on her back and she should be grateful for whatever she gets, even if it’s only a cot in a dirty basement. There are plenty of desperate refugees who would trade places with her. I think I’ve had a couple actually. I’m an equal-opportunity employer.

Of course, we all understand the coercion part. But honestly, do these feminists think police will even try to stop sex trafficking in Vancouver? When there are so many girls and young women in other countries with barely any hope of surviving war and famine? Not to mention the situation on indigenous reserves. At least here they have a slightly better chance of survival, and the main thing is, they’re doing a useful service for men like me.

I’m just one of thousands of johns in and around your city. So listen up, because this is what it’s all about – men looking for girls. Where we go doesn’t matter, whether it’s Main Street, in the suburbs, or in your neighbourhood. Who we find doesn’t matter. She could be anyone. We’re the the only ones who matter. It’s about being real men. We should be able go out with our bros, find some girl and have a real good time. It’s because we want what we can’t get at home. Most women, like my wife, are prudes who can’t take what I’m giving. So the hell with them, I’ll find someone who will.

When my sons get old enough, I’m taking them to a brothel so they can pick out any girl they want. That’s what my dad did for me, and his dad for him. They say before white men came to this place, there were no prostitutes, no bawdyhouses, and no word for rape. Well I say you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. We built this country, we civilized it, and I’ll tell you, Vancouver today is a great place to be a free man with cash in your pocket.

Keep up the good work buddy,


Creating John-Free Communities



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