Anti-feminists attack the opening of Vancouver Women’s Library

When right-wing thugs assault feminists and destroy our books, it’s an expression of their hatred of women and their need to quash our ideas. When the far left does the same thing – it’s the same thing.

Anti-feminist activists are claiming responsibility for a mob attack and destruction of property at the opening of the Vancouver Women’s Library on February 3, 2017.

A group arrived at the library’s opening celebration and volunteers invited them inside, where they shouted insults at people, barred some from entering, and pushed others. They tore down posters,  dumped wine on books, and set off fire alarms, according to witnesses.

Volunteers and participants managed to defuse the situation, and library organizers say they won’t be intimidated into abandoning the project.

Hours after the attack, anonymous individuals at Gays Against Gentrification posted a Facebook ultimatum denouncing the Women’s Library. The letter demands that the library remove books by feminists, ban one of the founders, and engage in “discourse” with the community. If the women’s library does not comply with these and other demands, the letter-writers promise more harassment.

The long, jargon-loaded statement is aimed at intimidating feminists who recognize that prostitution and pornography are forms of violence against women. It shames women who understand that our female biology makes us targets for male abuse, and targets those who seek to organize with others who are oppressed on the same basis.

Shame on them.

Sign the petition to protect feminist books here.

Send your support to the Vancouver Women’s Library at or by mail to 1670 Franklin St. Vancouver BC Canada V5L 1P4.

More about the library here.

Some facts about prostitution as male violence against women:



7 thoughts on “Anti-feminists attack the opening of Vancouver Women’s Library

  1. Could VWL start a petition about this? Libraries tend to be very anti-censorship, so I like to think you’d get decent support from libraries/staff across Canada.


  2. What’s most insane is that VWL *did* include a statement on their website saying they support “self-identified women,” but in the comments on their Instagram (since deleted), transactivists were saying that’s still not inclusive enough.
    And, I find it fascinating that while transactivists were busy criticizing VWL for not being inclusive enough, a radfem in that comments thread was criticizing them for being too inclusive.
    Apparently women can’t do anything right by anyone, especially when trying to please everyone.
    This is just so frustrating and sad. VWL has my support for sure 💗

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    • I don’t know why trans/queer activists are attacking them when the library says they include them and even have a few queer/trans books.
      But yeah, you can’t please everyone. And I agree with the radfem. If it’s a radical/lesbian feminist library, it definitely should stay that way; it’s much more important to women.

      They will be pushed into being ‘more inclusive’ until they’re no longer feminist/woman centered, and I know the women who run the library really don’t want to do that. They’ve been trying to keep the bastards off their back, but they will never please the trans/queer activists until the women’s library is no longer a women’s library. So, I think they should stick to feminist material; they’d get hate from the trans/queerists regardless of trying to be ‘inclusive’ of them; it isn’t enough for the trans/queerists. It’s a woman-only space that supports our multiple issues, and if they can’t respect that then they’re the ones who hate women.

      I hope these women don’t try to appease the trans/queerists, because you can’t please both them and women at the same time, and shouldn’t want to. (Especially when the trans/queerists try to harass, threaten, and intimidate you into compliance; they’re misogynistic assholes) Nothing wrong with that; nothing wrong with centering women and feminism only; I hope the women who staff the library gain the courage to do so. Besides, radical/lesbian feminism/woman space and queer/trans politics don’t mix anyway. For a very good reason.

      Either way, this library has my support too. Safe women’s space is clearly important to have and is a threat to men. And it’s inspiring and very brave of these women to even create such a space in the first place. Keep strong Vancouver Women’s Library, you have my support from CA.


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